Announcing the “Content Marketing: Recycling & Reuse” miniguide

Author Derek Slater has just released a quick read for content marketers — the Content Marketing Recycling & Reuse miniguide. Based on two of the most well-received chapters in Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes, the miniguide expands the topic

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Journalists’ 3 worst SEO misconceptions

Dear Colleagues: I’m terribly sorry that sleazy quick-buck artists shanghaied the term SEO during the last decade. And I’m sorry that search algorithms are taking so long to mature. And that Demand Media extruded crap based on search data, then

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How to add a user to a Google Analytics profile

Google Analytics configurations can be a bear. I was surprised to see how difficult it is to add another user to a Google Analytics account — Google’s own Help files are terrible, and there aren’t any other videos that quickly

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3 content marketing analytics blunders

When you want to know how your content marketing program is working, of course you turn to your trusty web analytics software. Omniture, Google Analytics and their ilk can tell you a lot about your content’s effectiveness and progress. Or

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Every good metric deserves a counterbalancing metric

An Acme Co. call center once compensated each sales agent based solely on the number of units that agent shipped. “Sam” gradually emerged as the star agent. Sam closed a deal with nearly every caller the system routed his way.

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How to use StatCounter for daily content marketing audits

StatCounter lets site owners monitor their Web traffic. It offers several benefits over Google Analytics, including ease of use, live visitor data, and automatic tracking of exit links. The following 6-minute video shows how to perform daily content marketing audits

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How to install StatCounter on Blogger

If you use Google’s Blogger service and want to keep track of the visitors to your site, StatCounter is a great option. This short video shows how install the StatCounter script on Blogger. It can also be used for other

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Google Analytics: How to evaluate content metrics

Are you getting started with Google Analytics, and want to learn how to evaluate content metrics? This 5-minute overview video will give you an overview of how to use Google Analytics “Content” area, to determine which site content is engaging

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Google Analytics Video Tutorial: Three Things You Must Monitor

New users often find Google Analytics confusing. There is a lot of data to look at, and it can overwhelm people who are new to Google Analytics’ main screen. This short, five-minute video shows the three most important things you

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Content Marketing Guide: Free Goodreads Giveaway!

We’ve just launched a giveaway on for Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes, by Derek Slater. This guide shows how to use online content to attract customers to a website. It’s perfect for marketers, bloggers, online video creators, and

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Just $8.99 (ebook) or $9.99 (paperback)!

Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes